ChoCoaque Cacao

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Fine Heirloom Single Origin Criollo Cacao
1 lb. Rustic Cacao Paste 'Liquor' Wheels
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Pronounced: Chō'kō'ä'kā
Our search for fine Heirloom Criollo Cacao took us to the coast of Ecuador. Climbing into the mountains first by truck, then by donkey, then on foot, we reached a hidden valley of Cacao trees planted up to 100 years ago.
The grandfathers grew Criollo Cacao on these remote family farms, deep in the coastal cloud forests where fresh water runs through the land and to this day, no agricultural chemicals have ever been used.
The Cacao trees are shade grown under a lush canopy of citrus, avocado, sapoté, banana and other tropical fruits which enhance the fine aromatic flavor of the heirloom Criollo beans.
Only 5% of Cacao beans on the worldwide market are original heirloom Criollo, and Ecuador grows the finest.